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Denzel Jorge.

Here comes the weekend! 😁💪🐶

Got to wear my new Porsche Suit from Slick It Up this past Saturday for VML’s Tight n’ Shiny night. Who knew a growing gorilla could drive a Porsche so well? 😜💪🐶

Denzel Jorge.

Practicing position 1!

Just flex your worries away! 😁💪🐶

Quick rinse before shakin it at @theseattleeaglebar tonight for the Playhouse Underwear Party. It’s gonna be PACKED, and I’m gonna be PACKING! 😜 SEE YOU THERE!! 😈💪🐶

This. Felt. Good. ❤️💙🖤💪🐶

Hey Tumblr! Doin well? Had a sick chest workout today, feelin pumped & furry. 😁💪🐶

One title one night, another the next. The work is never done! 😊💪🐶