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Despite being 60lbs heavier now, and the before pic being 14 years old, if I close my eyes I still see myself in my head as the skinny guy.

I dunno if that’s ever really going to change, but comparing pics like this at least helps keep some perspective. I’m very not that guy on the left anymore… physically, emotionally, intellectually… I’ve grown more than just my body and I’m damned proud of how far I’ve come.

So let’s not say “before and after”. It’s before, and now. Because who I am now will change again in another 14 years.

Go get yer Sunday, Tumblr! 😘💪🐶

Got to wear my new Porsche Suit from Slick It Up this past Saturday for VML’s Tight n’ Shiny night. Who knew a growing gorilla could drive a Porsche so well? 😜💪🐶


Get it. 😏💪🐶
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As I lie here on my couch fighting food poisoning or something, today’s #throwbackthursday dates all the way back to yesterday when I had a FANTASTIC chest and triceps workout!
Trying not to worry about all the calories I threw up overnight and just focus on hydrating and getting back to eating again. Grrrr!! 😖💪🐶

G’night y’all! Don’t let the piranha plants bite. 🦍💪🐶

So after some consideration (hell, very little really) the darker fur is sticking around. 🦍

Might be a bit of work to keep it this way, but I love how it looks and the response has been very positive. Some blond is coming back in to my beard, hair, and eyebrows, but the rest of me is still as dark. Shouldn’t have to “update” the fur as often, I don’t think. 🎨

How about you? Thought about trying something new? New hair, clothes, a tattoo, piercing…? What’s holding you back? 😉💪🐶

Hard to believe almost a week’s gone by since Pride already. Had an amazing time marching with the incredible staff and volunteers from @aids_vancouver, as their first ever brand ambassador! I was very good and sweaty by the end, but it was so worth it.

Watch for me in the coming months as we work to increase awareness and education, and reduce stigma!! 😎💪🐶

Happy Friday y’all! Hung out with the awesome Musclemonkeh last night and now I’m going confidently into the weekend with my best leg forward. 😁💪🐶