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On our way Portland, see you soon! ✈️💪🐶 (at Vancouver International Airport)

Here comes the weekend! 😁💪🐶

Despite being 60lbs heavier now, and the before pic being 14 years old, if I close my eyes I still see myself in my head as the skinny guy.

I dunno if that’s ever really going to change, but comparing pics like this at least helps keep some perspective. I’m very not that guy on the left anymore… physically, emotionally, intellectually… I’ve grown more than just my body and I’m damned proud of how far I’ve come.

So let’s not say “before and after”. It’s before, and now. Because who I am now will change again in another 14 years.

Go get yer Sunday, Tumblr! 😘💪🐶


Got to wear my new Porsche Suit from Slick It Up this past Saturday for VML’s Tight n’ Shiny night. Who knew a growing gorilla could drive a Porsche so well? 😜💪🐶

I want your fat cock at the back of my throat sir

Aww, so sweet. 😈

What’s your cycle?

K, this was bound to come up eventually. But c’mon anon, not gonna reveal your username in the ask, eh? I understand. 😉

Obviously the decision to use steroids is a very personal one for anyone to make. Anon’s reasons for not revealing their name in the ask are likely similar to why I’m not going to get into here whether I am or am not on cycle, or what I’d take if I were.

For me, a personal decision like this is best discussed in private with people known and trusted to be understanding on the matter, not in a public forum like Tumblr. 🙂

I love the darker hair!!!!

Thanks dude, me too!!

It’s a bit high maintenance but the look of it is awesome, totally worth it. I’ve touched up the beard once so far, am gonna do so again today I think, and then the body hair gets touched up here and there as needed as it doesn’t grow as quickly of course (unfortunately.)

Glad you like! 😁


Get it. 😏💪🐶
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