The story of my Tumblr, 7 years

Ok so I am asked “what happens now”. My Tumblr was opened after a conversation with a friend’s older brother, who I always thought was one of the hottest guys I know. He was celebrating 46 and was single and ‘out’ but often described himself as “too old to find someone” “washed out” “past the sell by date for guys”. I saw the huge contrast between how hot he was, in great shape, total dream hunk, and how poorly he felt about himself to the point that he didnt want to go to the beach shirtless “cause Im not 20 anymore”. 

So I discovered Tumblr in November 2011, and decided that since I found him and other older men so totally hot, I would open one dedicated to the hottest dads I could find, and try to change this perception, create this genre, hopefully make a small change somehow and see if others think so too and find them as hot as I do. 

Thats why it was important not to have nudity or porn, I wanted to see “real” guys as much as possible, the everyday men. so 7 years, 75k followers and  we have entire communities, groups, and so many tumblrs on this subject. we have thousands of hot older men enjoying huge attention on social networks, as models and role models. “hot daddies” is now a thing. I think my tumblr helped change many minds and took down some barriers about age. My friend’s brother just celebrated 53 in a shirtless pool party full of hot older and confident men. Even with the tumblr announcement, I hope I can continue this journey here as I loved this platform and my followers.