What is the answer to a question you've a…

What is the answer to a question you've always wanted to be asked? (Actual question may or may not be included)

I suppose, what/who would I be if I could be, if reality were no barrier?

I’d be…

Shorter. Prob’ly 5′6″ or so.
Bigger. At least 250lb.
Hairier. As pelt-like as possible, straight and dense like fur. Thickest (i.e. no skin visible) on my chest, stomach, shoulders and neck, upper back, forearms, hands, legs, and feet.
Well hung. I mean, MORE well hung… 12″ hard, thick as a coke can, apple-sized balls.
Dumber. Loss of intelligence has been a more recent fetish I’ve developed, prob’ly cuz I’m very cerebral otherwise through my day. Trouble spelling, counting, remembering… just happier lifting, fucking, eating, and sleeping.
Hornier. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m already pretty horny. But we’re talking no less than semi-hard at any time, virtually no refractory period, happy to fuck whoever and whenever.

Yeah, that all sounds about right. Whatcha think? 😉