How would you describe your role as a muscle d…

How would you describe your role as a muscle dawg? What does it mean to you?

Hmm, good question!

I’ve always been on the fringe of various communities including the furry community, pup community, fetish community, bodybuilding community… But I’ve never felt like I was a good fit in any one of them alone.

I often get called a pup. This doesn’t bother me necessarily but it isn’t a moniker I really fit with. I’m not into pup gear and I’m not interested in moshing or playing with other pups. I have a lot of pup friends though and I certainly appreciate aspects of that lifestyle, but it isn’t me. I struggle with the idea of having a handler or a Master, even my boyfriend is my Alpha and he’ll be the first to attest to my independence and stubbornness at times.

One of the driving factors of me is my transformation fetish, which has been there ever since I was little. I always wanted to be an animal or part animal, and as I grew older this morphed (heh) into wanting to be more muscular, hairier, getting body modifications… things I could do in real life.

So I suppose a muscledawg is someone who has canine/animalistic tendencies, is interested in transformation and/or muscle growth, but is a largely mature, independent thinker that is okay following their own path.

Thanks for the Q! 🙂